Technology Has Revolutionized The World Essay

Technology Has Revolutionized The World Essay

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Technology has revolutionized the world. Nowadays, people depend on technology to modify, store, and organize their data and information. Therefore, it is significant that users consider the risks and protect their computers, electronic devices, and data. The data information from online purchase is valuable and important for users. Digital security risk has become a serious problem in the society.It could lead up to a loss of or damage to computer or mobile device. Digital security risks include unauthorized access and use of electronic device, internet and network attacks, hardware theft, software theft, information theft, and system failure. The common examples for digital security risks are intercepting wireless communications, virus attack, and stolen identity or credit card number.
One of the most common computer security risks is online information. People use cloud as their storage device to store their data, images, videos, and valuable information. However, there is a problem with all the accounts if the user’s accounts are all interlinked all together. For example, If there is a person wants to hack and have access to other’s account, he does not require advanced hacking knowledge. First thing this guy needs to do is to call amazon he wants to add a credit card number, billing address, and all information to the other person’s amazon. Then, he informs amazon he has lost his password for the amazon account. The new password is sent to this guy’s email. Once the guy has the amazon account, he logs in and checks the previous credit card number. The last four digits, billing address, and email are the information that Apple authenticates a user. The person then gets a temporary password for Apple account. This person then...

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...fects all around the world. In conclusion, our computer security system is not perfect. There are holes in the system. And although we can’t stop this, we can upgrade our software or encrypted important data and information in our system.
Even technology has improved our world, there are some criminals use computer security holes as a tool to earn them money. Our computer security needs to be improved in order to counter criminals attack. From this video, I learn plenty of information and knowledge about computer security. We can improve our computer security by upgrading our software system because software is wide open for cyber crime to attack, and from every attack software company discovers and improves their software system. Also, we can upgrade the firewall. Attacking will not stop,so we have to protect our valuable information from getting stolen and so on.

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