Essay on Technology Has Improved Over The Past Decades

Essay on Technology Has Improved Over The Past Decades

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Technology has vastly improved over the past decades. In fact, the acquisition of new technology is increasing more rapidly than we can keep up. Today, innovative gadgets and gizmos allow us to carry technology everywhere we go. From smartphones to home video monitoring systems and lifesaving medical equipment, we now utilize technology in nearly every aspect of our lives.
Consequently, what we thought were improvements in technology 20 years ago is now historically obsolete. Hence, a widespread improvement in technology has been the proliferation of new electronic devices which has improved how we communicate.
Decades ago, it would take days, even weeks for a letter to reach a friend or family member in another state. Today, with the assistance of technology, that long wait has come to an end. Now, we can communicate via email, social media, text, video conferences as well as other online platforms.
Telephone from the past
Can you imagine how life would be without mobile technology? Better yet, can you imagine a time without smartphones?
Understandably, my mind ponders on a time where we had no phones. Nevertheless, we enjoyed watching our black and white with big picture tubes that came protruded from the back. Consequently, this was our sole method of keeping in touch with the outside world.
Later, during the mid 1970s, our home became equipped with a home telephone. This was a real exciting time for my family and I. Our first telephone was a rotary dial phone with a party line. Yes, a “party line”. The line was referred to as a party line because two or three other families, some of which we did not know, shared the phone line with us. Nonetheless, during that time, private lines were either not available or too expensi...

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... as previously mentioned. Keep in mind, children are clever and they learn how to manipulate technology quickly, so parents please beware.
What can parents do?
Parents, if you are considering buying a cell phone or other media device for your youngster, do some homework first. Research and ask questions to gain knowledge about various devices, features and safety. The more you know, the better decisions you are likely to make.

When allowing your children to use media devices, we encourage parents to adopt the recommended screen time limits, while paying close attention to their child’s behavior when denied access to their device. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no screen time for children under age two and no more than two hours per day for older children (Reddy, 2015). Screen time includes: television, computer, video games, cell phones and tablets.

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