Technology Has Changed The World Essay

Technology Has Changed The World Essay

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Technology in our lives
Technology has changed the world we live in throughout history. Throughout the last couple decades, cellular devices, iPads, iPods, computers, and most importantly the internet have completely changed the way we interact in society and the way teachers work in school. It is some believe technology to be taking jobs away from humans, while in some cases it may be true it’s also a good thing. Technology has changed the way society looks; there will be no return to chalk boards and writing letters. The 21st century society demands a technologically advanced person. In todays world you need to understand technology, understand the efficiency of it, and accept that it makes our lives a lot easier.
Technology in Society was spread throughout America in a plethora of ways. Dating back to the 1700’s the first information system was spear headed by Paul Revere and consisted of his “Midnight Riders” that would ride from town to delivering the news and special messages. This was the first building block for carrying information to long distances. “Due to the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century and the spread of such technology to America, the original postal system was established.” (304) Benjamin Franklin to nobody’s surprise established a new way for news to be delivered in a more efficient way than horseback. By using the printing press to make mass copies, the postal system developed to deliver news across the country in the shortest amount of time possible. “The original high way of information was the Erie Canal. With the building of “Clinton’s Ditch” as it was known the state of New York now had a fast way to spread not only goods and people, but information as well from t...

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...Combining that power with the human intuition has led too hundreds of inventions, medical breakthroughs and discoveries.

There are clearly both ups and downs of technology use. The fact is, it is important for people to learn and understand technology. It 's become a part of our lives for all of us, to use a computer or a cell phone. It is completely needed in most situations, ESPECIALLY for jobs. However, technology use cannot be overwhelming. Drastic use of these commodities like phones can cause all kinds of issues; socially mentally and physically. It is important to understand that yes, technology is an amazing thing; but at the same time, it should not be used all of the time. They should not rely heavily on it. We need to learn as a people that sometimes, technology is not the best answer for a situation but when used correctly it can lead to amazing things.

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