Technology Has Changed The Face Of Healthcare Industry Essay

Technology Has Changed The Face Of Healthcare Industry Essay

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In today’s world technology has become a necessity. Technology is like a coin it has two sides. One is good and other is bad. There are people who believe that growth in technology will sever the connection between one human to another or completely take over humans. However, technology has been very helpful humans. Technology has made people lives much easier. Now days if a person wants to contact his or her friend he can call through a cell phone even if his friend is million miles away. Sure advancement in technology has been one of the causes of war and due to that advancement people have been killed; however technological advancement in medical profession has also saved people from deadly diseases and cancer. Technology has not only helped humans in medical profession but it has also helped humans in communication and help fight crime.
Since the beginning of the time humans have been adaptive harsh conditions in order to survive. Medicine has helped humans survive through those harsh conditions. However, technology has changed the face of healthcare industry. The first use of technology in medical profession was in 1250 invention of Magnifying Glass. Roger Bacon constructed the first magnifying glass, which changed entire medical profession. Imagine a cardiologist performing a bypass surgery without magnifying glass, there would be no surgery because veins that go through heart are so small that only can be seen through very high powered magnifying glass.
Main reason of technology in medical profession is to improve quality of life. Scientist and researchers have been constantly looking for ways to help people cure from cancer and other deadly diseases. Technology has not only helped people cure from diseases but it has also...

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...give information to commanding officers to make the best judgement during war. According to the website on American civil war, Abraham Lincoln was the first president to use telegraph to communicate with his officers on the battlefield. In 1861, the Union Army established the U.S. Military Telegraph Corps, led by Andrew Carnegie, the railroad man. Over the next year, the U.S.M.T.C. trained 1,200 operators, and sent over million messages to and from battlefield. Technology has changed the way humans communicate. In today’s world Emails, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media are not only used for communication but it also used for promoting business, non-profit organizations, and many other events. Therefore, communication is must does not matter the means or mediums. From pictograms to Instagram technology has changed on how humans communicate.

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