Technology Has Become An Integral Part Of The 21st Century Essay

Technology Has Become An Integral Part Of The 21st Century Essay

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Neerali Patel
Dr. Nado
English 1001-104
November 20, 2015
Technology in the Classroom
Technology has become an integral part of the 21st century. Now, more than ever, technology is used to accomplish things never imagined before. However, as more and more people are using it in many different aspects of their lives, technology is too often looked at for its negative effects on society. There has been a long debate over whether or not technology should be used in the classroom. A part of this debate includes the digital divide which is the divide of upper-class and lower-class schools regarding the amount of integration of technology in their school systems. Many say that technology serves as a greater distraction than as a useful device, but if used correctly, they can actually be used as tools to aid students. Portable technology, like tablets and iPads, make books, notes, and learning tools easily accessible. Tablets should be used in the classroom because they increase efficiency, create a more active learning environment, and allow students to be better prepared for future careers.
In the article, “Negative Effects of Using Technology in Today’s Classroom” from Synonym, Julia Klaus states what she believes are some negative effects of using technology as a teaching aid in the classroom. Klaus says, “One problem that many teachers face is that students often use computers primarily for games”(Klaus). This sets up a hazy stereotype because there is no clear evidence showing that technology is used only for games by students. While many students sometimes use technology for games, use of technology in the classroom is much different. There are many blocking and focusing applications that can be used to prevent this distraction ...

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...ence, we must integrate technology into the students’ education.

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