Technology Has A Huge Part Of Today 's Society Essay example

Technology Has A Huge Part Of Today 's Society Essay example

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Sociology of Technology
Alexis Reed
Sociology 111
Professor Ellinghouse
Research Term Paper

Technology has become a huge part of today’s society. All things of technology has shown that there’s a huge impact on the way we are learning to communicate with one another. Many individuals are socially disconnected, and there’s an increase in social isolation. Instead of communicating face to face, we are communicating through social media and our cellphones. In today’s society, we need to make a change!
Keywords: Sociology, technology, communication, social groups
Sociology of Technology
I’ve chosen the topic “Sociology of Technology” because I have been interested in how technology impacts human interactions. Not only have I’ve been interested, I feel that technology has once taken over my life. I have been so intrigued with social media growing up. I first began with a Myspace page 8 years, and I’ve created many of friends overtime from there. Inboxes and comment sections is where I’ve lived most of my life. Cellphones have to be my most prized procession. I also know that it’s like to see someone from social media, in awkwardness, I don’t tend to speak.
I feel that this research on this particular topic would give me and others an understanding of the sociology of technology. An important part of my research is to answer my hypothesis: Is technology destroying human interactions? I’ve found that this research by using a vibrant form of technology, a social media website, Facebook. Facebook (social media) is where everyone logs on to communicate with everyone. Everyone shares messages, and in hopes to create a friendship or a relationship.
Through my literature review, I have found that social change is in fa...

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... in to Facebook where I have 3,442 friends, friends that I don’t know. I’ve posted it on Facebook because that’s where everyone goes! The main question of the survey was “Is technology destroying human interaction?” I’ve received 79% “yes” answers from 129 people and 21% “no” answers. With the intent to only receive a “yes” and a “no” click; I’ve also received comments on why technology was destroying human interaction and why technology do not destroy human interactions. Interestingly, I’ve stood by both standpoints.
If we was to all focus on creating life without the use of technology, life would be better for all. We will all be able to construct a positive, long lasting, and meaningful relationship with one another. Being able to have a great communication without using technology will always be a great route to go.


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