Technology Enhanced Learning Failures Essay

Technology Enhanced Learning Failures Essay

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Most modern institutions have embraced the need for technology enhanced education in the past few years. The young people born around 1985 to 1995 were introduced to the new technology at their early stage in life. Furthermore, there has been a great competition within institutions of higher learning where they have embraced the new technology to fight what they term as traditional ways of teaching. The education sector has been influenced greatly by the advancement in technology globally leading creation of learning practices like e-learning (Lee & Cher , 2013, pp. 8-13).
However, the higher learning institutions did not carry out credible research on how they can integrate the modern technology in their learning institutions and instructions therein. This fact created weakness and failure on how learning practices were integrated. There is the need to re-visit the failures of the past and maybe suggest on reducing such failures in future. This research paper explores on technology enhanced learning failures-case studies or projects. The paper focuses on 5 case studies where technology-enhanced learning failed (Lee & Cher , 2013).
Summary of Five Case Studies on the Failure of Technology-Enhanced Learning.
Case 1: The e3an project
The e3an project was established in 2002 by the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Assessment Network. The project was an initiative of the University of Southampton in collaboration with Bournemouth University, University of Portsmouth and the Southampton Institute. The e3an question bank was a HEFCE funded project (Project No: 53/99) (Keenan, 2003, pp. 2-5). The project was targeted as a resource that was intended to provide scholars with multiple choice, multiple response, and numeric answer ...

... middle of paper ... Techniques and Strategies. 4 ed. London: Kogan Page Publishers.
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