Essay on Technology Determinism : A Theory Of Social Change Through Technology

Essay on Technology Determinism : A Theory Of Social Change Through Technology

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Technology determinism can be thought as a theory of social change through technology itself. Andreas Hepp and Friedrich Krotz (2014, p. 110) discusses theorists have limited and avoid themselves on the argument on technology fearing there may be an indication of technological determinism. Furthermore, to suggest modern technology plays an insignificant role in mediation, as mediation is not bound by the modern technology but is subject to how society tends to communicate. Hepp and Krotz (2014, p. 111) further discloses the contradiction of their summary that the future will have objects that will interact intelligently and it will be difficult to determine the difference between such intelligent objects to those of living. A curious fact is that, society will raise questions which idealise and doubt the present, future and past. Technology determinism is already creating the current forms of social communications and interaction, and will dictate what is created in the future. Pauly examines the social implications that media rituals has given society, and the wealth of historical evidence the media has given to show that technology determinism is not just a theory. Pauly writes “In this sense, ritual theories of the media invite us to reflect upon profound historical changes in our social and political institutions as well as in our habits of everyday communication.” (Pauly 2014, p. 145). Once technology determinism is fully accepted and is indeed a part of society teachings, it will overlook current theory models that are available now. There is a simple cause and effect in this idea with each new technology being released. New research is done to forecast the future of social interaction.
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...cial networking” (Livingstone & Das 2013, p. 104). These statements could not be any more accurate, technology has shaped our way of engaging with the world, and today it’s fashionable to have the latest television, phone and/or computer. The time spent in front of these devices more than the television shows the changing society. Technology is becoming ever more fashionable, the gradual change in adapting ourselves with modern technology is slowly modifying our way of life. Life was different two decades ago, where television was the main source of current affairs, infotainment, TV shows and music videos. Livingstone & Das (2013, p. 117) continues to discuss the fast movement of media throughout the years. Researchers need to get an insight on both historical and modern media use and how the behaviour in society have changed in terms of motivation, choice and habit.

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