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“Is society too dependent on technology?” Tom thought to himself as he drove to Colorado. He was on a family trip to visit his parents. It was a long trip and he had never been there before so he decided to use his navigation system to get there. He typed in his destination and headed to Colorado. On the way, his four-year-old son threw a juice cup, which spilled all over the navigation system. He did not think he would need a map, and now his family and he are stranded on the highway in the middle of nowhere until they can get assistance. Many people would say that this is the result of depending too much on technology. Some even believe that the generation of today would be better off without it. They think that it is a luxury that should be taken away. However, this cannot be true. Technology can cure laziness, is very necessary, and the benefits are much greater than living without it.
Technology is a great resource to use if one wants to be proactive. As stated earlier, some argue it causes too much laziness, when in reality it is the opposite. Many in fact, use the lack of technology as an excuse to be lazy. Someone without a car may find it easier to receive unemployment and live with his mother because finding a job in walking distance is too difficult. If this man owned his own vehicle he would be more inspired to go out, get a job, and work hard at it, yet instead he decides to stay home and be un-employed.
Some say that technology is not a good thing because it results in helplessness. According to Jenny C. McCune "Most of us (and our companies) rely on technology so much that we don't know what to do when it breaks down" (McCune). For example, "Take the pager satellite fiasco that occurred last year when the Hughes...

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...ier and better. Society should not shy away from something that is this beneficial. This is why it is nearly impossible to depend on technology too much.

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