Technology Debate in Education Essay

Technology Debate in Education Essay

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Debate in Education
Gruszczynska, Guy and Richard (p.203) define digital media as an electronic media which serves as the current form of data storage, whereby the data itself is stored in digital form. Digital media refers to the transmission and storage technical aspect of any information or rather to the “end product. When someone talks of end product he is referring to the final product yielded from these digital forms of storage or digital media which include: digital signage, digital video, digital audio, augmented reality or digital art. As John and Catherine (p139), the digital forms of storage may be in forms of storage may be in form of removable devices such as flash disks, compact disks or memory cards, and they can also be non-removable devise such as hard disk drives and computer networking. This kind of electronic media operates under a platform that is contrary to what the analog systems or people believe in. Taking an example of the ancient time during which the great grand parents lived, the humans who existed at that age and still are alive today, (except my grandma, on my father’s side, because she is only 65) they largely disagree with this new form of technology. This also applies to education systems too.
Teachers from late 1980’s are very much against imposition of digital media to the school curriculum. In spite of all the criticism, this paper explores how digital media and how it has enhanced the learning practice in education systems, especially in public education.
According to Oretegren (pp. 793-805) argument, public schools or State schools as refereed in United Kingdom, generally refer to both primary and secondary schools that are mandated to off education to all children from different c...

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