Technology Causes Social Isolation

Technology Causes Social Isolation

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How much can technology impact your social life? Who would of thought that technology would affect life in such a major way? Little did people know that technology can impact the way humans interact with each other. While listening to music and playing games on their mobile devices, how many people actually get to know one another while standing right next to each other? A small ride on a metro or bus ride will show you just how little interaction goes on in a humans life do to the amount of use on their mobile devices. The role technology plays in socializing has a great impact on people’s interaction. People can be standing right next to each other with out saying one word to one another. While waiting for the next class to start or even during the class, people tune out the rest of the world and this can lead up to social isolation. Technology has had a bad impact on the way humans socialize because it causes people to be less interactive. Social isolation is a health condition that can become very severe and lead up to depression, anxiety, despair and many other things. Social isolation can be avoided if technology is limited to use at only appropriate times as when bored, alone or incase of an emergency you would use cell phones.

The development of technology has led up to different ways of social interaction with one another. The launch of the computer was a huge impact in American history. It wasn’t only the computer that launched but also the Internet. Which brought different ways that people could interact with one another though Email and social networks (Lutfala). Some of the more popular social networks used are twitter and Facebook. People may become addicted to tweeting and posting up a tweet or status, this may become a priority to some people. These network accounts allow people to interact with friends and family from all over the world whenever they want with no cost, however people are so addicted to these social network they forget the way people are supposed to interact and that’s by talking in person. Online, children and teenagers can have hundreds of “friends” without having to leave their home or open their mouths. Although is may seem easier for people to send a quick text, email or instant message it destroys the meaning of being able to interact with our friends and family and actually get to see each other face to face.

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A smile icon sent through message is cute but can it replace the beautiful smile of a human being in person?
When kids see adults with all these new electronics the first thing they want to do is want the parents to buy them the cool new electronic, of course parents like to spoil their kids but little do they know how much it will effect the way the child interacts with the rest of the world. Parents think that their children should always have a phone on them incase of an emergency, they can call or text in to find out where they are or what their up to. The relief of being able to know that your kids are safe by just sending one simple text message or by the sound of their voice is a
Great feeling, but phones are just made to make or receive calls. Phones are now designed not only to make and receive calls but are also used for as entertainment. Phones are now filled with thousands of applications that a child can play, watch movies; listen to music and many other things. The child can become so addicted to texting, games, and music on their phones and iPods that they wont want to go out play with friends outside in the park but instead to be isolated in their rooms on their mobile devices. This is considered social isolation. Social isolation can be very difficult for a child to go through because it causes them to feel alone and depressed. Kids start to isolate themselves from the rest of the kids while they’re walking home from school or on the school bus. Parents then start to notice it at first when the child doesn’t have any friends that are invited to the house to play because they isolate them selves from the rest and never get the chance to actually interact and be friends with the other kids.
A major age group that deals with the use of too much technology is teens. Teens depend their life on technology, television, iPods, phones, tablets, video games and mainly the Internet and it’s social networks. Teenagers are always texting their friends, always trying to find out gossip through their social networks or listening to music and isolating themselves at school in between classes. A research done posted on the Washington post shows an article on how a fifteen-year-old girl is attached to her phone. The fifteen-year-old girl took her phone with her at all times. “Texts at home, at school, in the car, while her mother is driving, during homework, after pompom practice and as she walks the family dog.” The teen takes her cellphone to bed.” States the article. The fifteen year old teenager told the Washington post that she would die if she did not carry her phone with her at all times. According to Nielsen Co, on an the article in the Washington post, more than 75 billion text messages are sent monthly in the U.S., teens ages 12–17 send the most, with an average of 2,272 texts each month per teen. All that time that teens spend on their phones can really effect spending time with friends and family and can cause them to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. Younger kids can also be affected when they watch too much TV. Most kids come home after school and sit down on the couch to watch TV forgetting that they have homework to do. In an article of the telegraph it states, “ over the course of childhood, youngsters spend more time watching T.V than they spend in school” (Daily Telegraph reporter, 2012 Para. 2)
Technology does not also affect children and teens but it can also be a problem for adults. Many adults work in offices where they spend most of their time on the computer doing work or sending emails out to people. People can become very isolated because of not being able to interact with people at work because now technology has made jobs much easier to do, people can even work from their computers at home. If work wasn’t making people feel isolated enough but also coming home from work and sitting down on the couch watching television after a long day at work can isolate you from your family and going out to have fun.
Americans have become isolated more than never now due to all these technology inventions that they come out with each year. As society focuses more are texting, tweeting and emailing each other, relationships with our friends family are being less important a person’s words seem to loose meaning. More people focus on their social life on the Internet then they do in person with their friends and families. Although technology has its negatives to it, if people decide to put a limit to how much time they spend on their electronics and what reasons their use for it is than maybe technology wouldn’t affect the way society interacts. Social isolation would be less of a problem.

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