Essay Technology As A Social Process

Essay Technology As A Social Process

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Technology as a social process:
When delving into the study of progress in human society we see that a factor
important is that progress in the development of technology. The purpose of this paper will try to
approach this concept from the political economy approach considering the Science-Technology-
It also aims to ratify the ideological content that is part of the economic principles of the
Political Economy, often muted by most bourgeois theorists who have tried to
separate the economic theory of political economy, showing a false neutrality postulates
(Sanchez, 2004).
The above are reasons that have been considered from the Marxist political economy and
its own object of study included. The technology is not exempt from these reflections, is today one of the
phenomena in general and in particular, from the economic point of view, has been manipulated by the
Bourgeois political economy, so that an attempt can be considered more than from a country
third world are struggling to make a militant and scientific knowledge.
The work is supported by the analysis of some reflections of the Science-Technology-Society approach
(CTS) on the technology exist today, beneficial considering an approach to these debates, because
contributes to a better understanding of the social economic analysis that aims to make this subject.

The educational process in general, has changed little for many years. In recent times, many countries have raised more or less intense reform their education systems. The objective is to avoid the gap that many refer to as follows: "Teachers teach in classrooms IXX century twentieth century students of the century"

This coming Monday, 4 will open a new debate on Rconversa in which we will ...

... middle of paper ... students to justify the inclusion of New Technologies Applied to Education in the curricula of the race who attend are asked, students demonstrated as follows:
- Need to respond to social demands in a technological society. Since the school is part of the social structure, you can not turn your back on it, it forces you to integrate the technological advances that the company generates. "Ignorance of the subject supposed to close our eyes to reality." "If the school educates to form in society, must also teach to make proper use of the new resources."
- The modernization of education necessarily involves employment in areas of training tools progress that society develops. "The development of new technologies allows us aware of the problems revolve around scientific advances and enables us in the use of technological tools to teach in a much more efficient way."

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