Technology And The Modern Cell Phone Etiquette Rules Essay

Technology And The Modern Cell Phone Etiquette Rules Essay

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Technology is prevalent in today’s society and functions in many aspects of basic daily routines. With cell phones, drones, artificial intelligence and even social media platforms, the world is thriving in the digital age. Although technology provides a seemingly infinite number of accommodations to simplify basic human life, it also presents an array of new challenges. As a technology driven society, individuals are inundated with technology around every corner with no escape. The major contributing culprit of intrusive pieces of technology includes the modern cell phone. This piece of technology provides an assortment of practical applications that many would argue they could not survive a day without. Although useful, many individuals overlook basic cell phone etiquette. Although many common sense rules are outlined in the Consumers and Their Phones (Babin & Harris, 2016, p. 16) article, additional rules should be considered.
The article presents a multitude of cell phone etiquette rules describing the minimal expectations one would assume while operating the device. Using a phone during a face-to-face conversation, dinner, the movies, driving or even in class are offenses to cell phone etiquette. Ordering food, for example, while engaged in a phone conversation is becoming an acceptable practice to some cell phone users. Whether the nature of the phone usage is speaking, texting, browsing the web, or playing a game, such action is never warranted unless in an emergency situation. Not only do these situations create an uncomfortable atmosphere for those in the surrounding area, but it is a blatant lack of respect.
The absence of respect for individuals in a cell phone user’s surrounding is a major issue on the rise. Although an...

... middle of paper ...

...ostage in the text message group. An overall sense of respect for others is a key component to proper phone etiquette.
Although phone etiquette rules have continued to grow, such as appropriate selfie-stick usage or public speaker phone conversations, applying common sense and respect for others is the core concept. Overall, the world has experienced great advancement in cellular technology since the flip-phone era. Despite the opportunity cell phones provide, phone etiquette is essential. The article introduced many basic concepts, but additional rules considered include Bluetooth conversations, serious text messages, interpreting text messages, appropriate times to text or call, and even hostage group text message situations. Despite the infinite list of negative cell phone experiences, it is important to embrace technology and remain mindful of proper etiquette.

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