Technology And The Manufacturing Industry Essay

Technology And The Manufacturing Industry Essay

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“Fisher Alum’s Enterprise in Digital Technology Revolutionizes the Manufacturing Industry”
I envision this headline on Wall Street Journal’s front page in 15-years. Digital technology is going to substantially transform the manufacturing industry by 2030 and I aim to build my own businesses based on innovations in digital manufacturing. However, to achieve this, I need a strong understanding of the end-to-end aspects of running a business. The Fisher MBA will allow me to develop this understanding and propel me towards my long-term goal. My short-term career plan is to assume management roles within Sandvik, or join a consulting company such as McKinsey, Deloitte, IBM, etc. and devise strategies for clients in digital manufacturing. By following this route, I will get a broad perspective of the manufacturing landscape and thus, will be in a position to identify opportunities for my future venture.
Being born in a business family in India with deep roots in construction, it was instilled in me early-on, how to make businesses more profitable. I realized a crucial aspect that was missing in our business was the use of technology to streamline operations. Believing that ground-breaking technological innovations were happening in US, I came to pursue a Bachelor’s from Purdue. Here I embarked on multiple entrepreneurial ventures for the first time by collaborating with different organizations within Purdue. These ventures eventually did not succeed, but gave me very valuable lessons – I was not ready to start a business, and mere ideas are not enough for a sustainable business.
Thus, I entered the corporate world and was hired as one of the youngest employees at Sandvik. I was entrusted with the role of building from ground up the soft...

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...roducts. Leveraging the global opportunities provided by Fisher, I intend to participate in a global immersion experience by visiting organizations abroad to gain first-hand knowledge of operations in the global marketplace. Furthermore, I would like to utilize the Ohio State University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship as a platform for determining the viability of launching my own venture, and to learn and network with venture capitalists.
My conversations with Niraj Patel (CO 2010) and Tanvi Narang (CO 2010), who provided me an excellent insider’s view of the program, have further strengthen my conviction in the program. I am confident that the Fisher MBA program will lay the groundwork for my ability to take risks, shape my own future, and develop a base to leave a significant impression on the world of business and continue the legacy of Max M. Fisher.

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