Technology And The Field Of Educational Technology Essays

Technology And The Field Of Educational Technology Essays

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The beginning of my persistent passion about the effective application of emerging technologies to the learning environment and intensive interest which has now evolved into an aspiration and a pursuit in the field of educational technology happened after joining the research project of the School of Education at Stanford University as a research assistant. Especially when I progressed mobile storytelling app project, publishing apps based on winning stories collected from storytelling competition performed in underprivileged areas, I could see the useful benefits of mobile technology to encourage children in underprivileged areas to actively learn by sending revenues from the publishing apps to the story owners. The increasing passions about the field of educational technology enforced me to apply for Berkeley’s education program six years ago, but unfortunately I got rejected and eventually entered into the Instructional Technology program from San Francisco State University (SFSU). Learning about basic educational theories, research methods, and various emerging technologies from the school and exploring the overall process of releasing mobile learning app in the real field of educational technology continuously excited me to pursue for a higher education.

The recent case study that I performed at the kindergarten classroom in the Berkeley Unified School District became a turning point for me to decide to apply for UC Berkeley’s Culture, Development, and the Learning Science Ph.D. program. After graduating from SFSU, I have worked as a content developer and an app programmer. The amazing hit of our math learning app, Todo Math, made the CEO of my company to feel the necessity of research to clearly show the effectiveness of ...

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...d not mean. When I was chosen as a teaching assistant, the rest of seniors hated me that it was not fair. Traditionally, the 3rd semester students could work as a teaching assistant, but my case was no usual. That is because the new microprocessor experiment class required one important qualification; taking this class during undergraduate years. And I was only one student who is eligible in this position. After being a teaching assistant, I had to try my best on performing experiment. I did simulate overall process of each experiment and collect all information regarding the class. Thanks to my persistent effort, my seniors’ attitudes towards me began to change. Increasing knowledge about computer systems and working experiences led to the good news that I was selected as a recipient of Samsung Scholarship, and I could study without worrying about the tuition fees.

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