Essay about Technology And The Field Of Criminal Justice

Essay about Technology And The Field Of Criminal Justice

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Technology has been becoming bigger and bigger into the field of Criminal Justice. It is almost essential for every part of the field to use technology now. The use of cars, internet, weapons, alternative methods and a lot more have made this field way more effective. Without technology this field would be nothing now a days. It has influenced the whole entire field and is going to continue to change forever.
Technology has forever changed how criminal justice functions now. Police departments are changing how they operate because of it. Many new technology’s such as Crime Lights, In-Car Camera Systems, Photo Enforcement Systems, Graffiti Cameras, and many many more. These technology’s make it so much easier for officers to do there job now. Officers have improved efficiency, effectiveness, and officer safety in a variety of ways. Law enforcement has been around a very long time and has changed in many ways. We did not always have the technological tools we have today to help solve crimes and enforce laws. Police officers use to write out every single report, and in order to make a copy they had to rewrite it again. Now a days they type reports into computers and photocopy any thing that needs to go to multiple people. It use to be in order to run a licenses plate officers had to call the station and have some one look through files to see if that person had a warrant or anything. Now officers can run a licenses plate on a laptop that is in there car and a full background check on the vehicle and owner. These are just two of the ways technology has forever changed criminal justice. The internet has been one of the biggest helps to criminal justice so far. It makes for easy communication between departments and easy to find anyth...

... middle of paper ... for inmates with drug problems. Also education prison personal about drug abuse.
A career choice into Criminal Justice means that you will be using a lot of technology. As a Police Officer you will need to continually learn new technology and also learn to balance it so you do not relay on it completely. There are also many other jobs in this field that use a lot of technology. Technology is becoming more and more essential in almost everything. After all the research I have done I have determined that I still want to continue going after a career as a Police Officer. This paper has opened my eyes to the technology in use by officers, and has made me realize I need to start looking into more of what I will be using rather then what I would be doing. Technology has changed the way Police Officers work so in order to become one I need to be ahead of the technology.

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