Technology And The Early Childhood Classroom Essay

Technology And The Early Childhood Classroom Essay

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When most people think of an early childhood classroom they think of children roaming around and all around them toys, lots and lots of toys. (repetitive, and confusing to read) Many families may ask, “What is my child learning?” or “Don’t you do anything but play?” What these families don’t realize is that playing is a key factor in learning. In order to compromise with families that want more academia in early childhood classrooms, many teachers have begrudgingly introduced toys that include technology into their classrooms. In this essay, we will discuss the disadvantages and benefits of technology in the early childhood classroom.
Why don’t early childhood educators want to revolutionize and begin using technology in their classrooms? Many teachers feel that toys like computers, videogames, and tablets are developmentally inappropriate. Educators often hold the view that “hands-on learning experiences are essential,” and that if technology is used at all it should only be used to enhance hands on experiences (Shifflet, Toledo, Mattoon p.36). Additionally, most people, regardless of education, assume that the more technology that children are subjected to, the less activity (and therefore less learning) takes place. Nonetheless, parents are right to insist that children need to understand technology and how it works. This has led to the integration of technology in early childhood classrooms.
When researching technology in toys, researches have found that there is more to gadgets than what first meets the eye. The current recommendations for screen time are “based on a definition of Screen Time that does not distinguish between different types of screen-based activities,” however; more researchers have begun examini...

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...hnology should be used. Once that technology is decided upon, however, it is up to the teacher to decide how the technology should be used. If a classroom is given a tablet, the teacher must decide what apps can be put on it. Where in the classroom will the tablet be used? Is Cassandra*’s idea to use the tablet in the dramatic play center a good idea? Some developmentalists believe it is, but others don’t.
To summarize, many researchers believe that technology on the whole is not an issue; therefore, technology toys are not an issue in the classroom. The jury is still out on how much technology is too much. While researchers argue over what type of screen time is beneficial, others still believe that children should not be subjected to any screen time at all. Those that believe that no screen time is beneficial are in the minority as more research develops.

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