Technology and the Death of Human Social Skills Essay

Technology and the Death of Human Social Skills Essay

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Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without technology? Would we be lost without? Are you scared for the next generations? Technology has been a dependent source for us humans for so long.The more technology advances the more our society becomes dependent on it. I believe technology is one of the best things people have created but, technology is interfering with our social skills.
Technology is making many of us lack on our writing skills. Today many American children recieve a cell phone at an early age. This can be due to many reasons. For example, children recieve cell phones at an early age because, their parents work too much and need to contact them, or the kid has an illness, etc. This can be a advantage, but many people don't see the disadvantages. Cell phones for example, are ruining our writing skills. When we text, our device has auto correct and always fixes our misspelled words. How are we suppose to learn from our mistakes? I myself have experienced a lot of this. When I text I always catch myself using slang abbreviations. These are words like LOL, LMAO, TTYL, and so on. The negative impact of these abbreviations are, sometimes we accidently use these slang words in our essays and other academic things. According to Christine, "using your own mind is much better than relying on software programs"( Christine Ritchie).Today, there are many tools we can use for gramar checking, that we begin to not care how to learn these things. We are too dependent on devices to do things for us.
Google it! How many of us have searched for something on google? Things like google searches are affecting our critical thinking skills, in a negative way. According to Cra...

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...logy is making our lives easier and more successful. Without technology I myself would have trouble getting through my day. Technology does make life easier, but there are many disadvatages. Imagine how the future will look with us being dependent on our technology. Would we lose the ability to think for ourselves, write, or even communicate properly? Many of us are blind about technology and not looking at reality. More and more technology is on the way. How will our next generation look if we are already too dependent on our technology?
Technology is interferring with our social skills. Writing skills, critical thinking, and communication skills are going down the drain due to technology. We are too dependent on it. It is making us less human, by doing everything for us. How will our upcoming generation look? Will they be robots or humans who know how to learn?

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