Technology and Social Media in Social Work Essay

Technology and Social Media in Social Work Essay

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Technology and Social Media in Social Work
Technology and social media is one of the most prominent ways people choose to communicate. The use of landline telephones and letter writing is fading away with the increased use of computers, cellphones, and email in today’s world. Many people have different opinions on the current advancement of technological methods, especially in the workplace. Some feel that it is helpful and makes business more efficient; others feel it is hurting our need to connect face to face and replacing it with more impersonal communications. In the field of social work, where the helping relationship is paramount, the debate of using technology in practice and with clients has no easy answer.
Being a young adult in this generation, the use of technology and social media is pretty constant in my everyday life. I have social media accounts that I use regularly to share photos and keep in touch with friends and family. I pay bills and conduct business through online means, rather than by mail. Perhaps my favorite use of technology is that I can buy anything I want at just the click of a button, and have everything delivered to my doorstep in a matter of days. Social media and technology has made many things in my life so much easier, so initially when I think about using it in social work practice, I have a more positive viewpoint.
Technology & Documentation
Firstly, it’s important to examine how technology can improve social work service delivery. Technological use in social work makes the logistics of services an agency provides more effective and streamlined. In many organizations, the days of multiple file cabinets storing agency and client information are being replaced by computer managing software. Th...

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