Technology And R & D Play A Key Role Of Development Of Industrializing Countries Such As Turkey

Technology And R & D Play A Key Role Of Development Of Industrializing Countries Such As Turkey

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Introduction and Objectives
Technology and R&D play a key role in the sustainable economic development of industrializing countries such as Turkey. The ability of the Turkey’s absorption, development and commercialization of new technologies has been a great challenge in the last fifteen years. After several serious crises, the country has grasped a steady economic development from 2000. Turkey will likely see the fastest medium to long-term growth in energy demand among the IEA member countries. Energy related CO2 emissions in Turkey have more than doubled since 1990 and are likely to continue to increase rapidly over the medium and long term, in parallel with the energy demand (IEA, 2009). On the other hand, Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) sharply increased (%226) from 187 Mt CO2- eq to 422,4 Mt CO2- eq from 1990 to 2011 in Turkey. In overall 2011 emissions, the energy sector had the largest portion with 71% (TurkStat, 2013).
The country, therefore, requires substantial innovation policies and practices for developing clean energy options to keep up with an average 6.4% increase in the annual energy demand and decrease CO2 emissions. Can Turkey meet this high energy demand together with reductions in her carbon emissions? What kind of policy actions are needed for the green development of Turkey? Since economic growth is expected to continue, the key issue to overcome in order to mitigate CO2 emissions is the use low carbon technologies.
Presently, Turkish technology policies to improve the techno-economic features of low-carbon technologies are inadequate to contain Turkey’s increasing CO2 emissions. Long-term policies, support and investment are needed for low carbon and green growth. In this process technological advancemen...

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...ey are uncompetitive compared to existing technologies except in specialised niches, until they have had the opportunity to move down their learning curves and reduce unit costs, as the scale of output rises and experience accumulates (Pearson, P., Foxon T. J., 2012). Pearson suggests, at the same paper, that low carbon characteristic as yet lacks convincing market value and because, except in particular niches, they tend not yet to offer a superior combination of characteristics to those of entrenched high carbon technologies, in the near term low carbon technologies will not find it as easy to penetrate as might be expected of the core technologies of an industrial revolution. However, nowadays penetration of low carbon technologies are rapid and easy yet the financial and know-how difficulties. karsit gorusteki argumanimizi soyleyelim nedir gunumuzde durum?

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