Technology And Parent Influence : The Generation Of Millennials Essay

Technology And Parent Influence : The Generation Of Millennials Essay

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Exciting Generation of Millennials
Millennials are “the most threatening and exciting generation since the baby boomers brought about social revolution” (Stein). I was born in 1999, so that makes a millennial. Coming in after the Gen X, millennials were born from 1980 to 2000. Most millennials are children of the baby boomers. The millennials are known for being a very self-absorbing age group; they describe us as “shallow, selfish, and lazy”. But yet, who made us like this? Growing up with the technology and parent influence, we were told to be the best and that we are the special and beautiful no matter what. And when you’re under 10, you believe everything you hear. Self-confidence is being promoted a ton lately, through the movies, books, and even schools. For living in this generation, you get influence everywhere you go. So you can’t exactly blame us for being who we are.
We millennial are being feared by the previous generation for turning the society to the worst. We are being feared because “instead of taking over the establishment, we’re growing up without one” (Stein). That means instead of working with the big corporation we’re working against them. It’s like instead of big corporation films, we use YouTube. With our narcissistic personality and obsession with social media, we could potentially ruin the society. According to Stein, millennials are addicted to fame and would rather be an assistant to a famous person than a U.S. Senator. The media promotes self-confidence like no other. Many shows nowadays like reality shows are basically showcasing life of narcissists (Stein). People are actually interested in these shows. Also, most song lyrics are about describing how beautiful someone is and no matter what they...

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...pper hand on this part.
Millennials is history’s largest age group. I, being one out of the 8 million people, do agree with Stein and Twenge’s opinion. I’m not saying that I agree to completely what they’re saying, but most of it is true. We do constantly take selfies, go on social Medias, and are lazy. But this generation is not all that bad. There’s more to this generation than that. We’re one of the most “exciting” generation of history (Stein). We’re more diverse and accepting to others. We engage more and help out in our community. We’re more creative and outgoing. I’m not saying everyone is like this but I’m just stating that I don’t like my generation being labeled as a bunch of “narcissists”. I would like to prove to others that my generation is more than that. That this generation have more to offer and that it can change our society in a positive way.

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