The Technology And Its Impact On The World 's Leadership Style Essay

The Technology And Its Impact On The World 's Leadership Style Essay

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their cell phones as cameras, which was at the time destroying the camera market, he felt soon that they would be using their phones as music players, and iPod will no longer be needed. He decided Apple had to make a cell phone with music as elegant as the iPod and that’s how a second achievement as the CEO of Apple came about, the innovation of iPhone in 2007. While he was creating the iPhone, he realized multi-taps, where two hands can be used to scroll the screen. He developed this first with the iPhone and adopted it to the tablet.
This was how the tablet innovation came about, the iPad, in 2010. Each one of these innovations could have hurt the previous products of Apple. However, Jobs was never worried about cannibalizing his previous products. Like Bob Dylan, he said, “if you 're not busy being born, you are busy dying”, and Jobs always wanted to reinvent himself (Isaacson 2011).

Jobs’ Leadership Style
Leadership is the ability of any individual or company to make efficient decision and to motivate others to perform well. In other words, leadership can be considered as a trigger to improve performance at any department, organization or even an individual. It develops motivation in people to perform well, meeting their targets and deadlines etc. Steve Jobs’ leadership style showed that he had the traits of a powerful leader, someone who has the right mindset, also has the influence to get his employees to work towards his own vision. He was capable of persuading people to agree with his ideas. For instance, when he created the notion of iTunes of buying music for 99 cents, he persuaded record labels to be a part of it, letting them know they would gain from it, if not their music would constantly be taken by Napster for ...

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..., who reduced most employees down to tears whenever their projects are not considered perfect by him, this made him shout and insult them. With such behavior, this caused his employees to have a sense of fear around him to the extent that none of them liked to share an elevator with him because they were scared of a chance to lose their jobs. However, some employees believe his harshness was of help to only make them better because he saw the environment to only produce perfect products. And to earn that, that was his way of leading the employees. Steve Jobs employees referred to him as a hero and a man with a swift change of attitude ( . With this, it is clear Jobs was not exactly the sensitive leader towards his employees but also one who pushed them out of their comfort zone to get their best handwork, a combative style of leadership.

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