Technology And Its Impact On Technology Essay

Technology And Its Impact On Technology Essay

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There are often concerns that older communication technology is consistently displaced by newer more innovative technology. Sometimes however, new technology does not displace the longstanding technology but adds a new element to that technology. The e-reader is a suitable alternative to printed books and the Amazon Kindle is considered one of the most popular e-book readers available.
The e-reader is a handheld device that allows the user to read electronic books, newspapers, magazines and other digital content. The e-book is the digitized version of the printed book and can be read on computers or any other hand held devices such as tablets, smartphones, and e-readers. Originally, the e-reader device was the designated device specifically made for e-books. In 1990, Sony introduced the first portable modern e-reader, the Data Discman (Grant and Meadows p 190). Consequently, in 1997, E Ink Corporation introduced the electronic ink technology which help revolutionized several new e-readers including the Amazon Kindle.
The Amazon Kindle was first introduced to the retail market in 2007 and since then, the device has sold the highest total percentage of all the US e-books on the market. Why did Amazon Kindle thrive in the e-book market compared to its competitors, Apple iBook store, the Barnes & Noble Nook store, the Kobo and Google Play Books? The Kindle’s size, weight, and ease of adoption in addition to celebrity endorsements positioned the Amazon Kindle at the forefront of the e-reader market and help contribute to the spread and the adoption of the technology.
Relative advantage or the degree to which the innovation is perceived as better than the original idea plays a fundamental role in the spread of the technology. ...

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...ast to conveniently purchase and download e-books from an online library that is available on 24X7. In addition, the Kindle allows users access to free e-books and the ability to share and borrow e-books from other users. This makes the number of e-books available for the Kindle seem endless.
In conclusion, I feel that the E Reader (Kindle) can be explained through the innovation decision process. The Kindle’s relative advantages, compatibility, ease of use in conjunction with its social reputation has help facilitate the adoption and the dissemination process of the device at an accelerated rate. Although Amazon has had several different versions of the Kindle device since its inception in 2007, the Kindle is still considered one of the bestselling e-book readers available on the market today because it is a convenient alternative to carrying a book.

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