Technology And Its Impact On Making Education Essay

Technology And Its Impact On Making Education Essay

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As was discussed in Kennedy’s article, “Facility planners can 't necessarily anticipate what technological changes are on the horizon that will send education in a new direction, but they should acknowledge technology 's growing influence in making education more student-centered and individualized and they should create learning environments flexible enough to embrace new technological trends” (p.31). That being said, there are several components to consider in creating a school flexibility in order to adapt to the ever changing nature of technology.

First, it would seem that in order to be able to adapt to the frequent changes of technology, schools must have a technology integrator, media specialist, or even better, a whole tech. team who’s job is to be informed of these technological advances, changes, upgrades, etc. and how to implement them. In so many schools, this has not yet been made a priority and the responsibility of keeping up to date falls on each individual teacher’s shoulders. When this happens, already overwhelmed educators find themselves in over their heads. If schools acknowledge that technology does in fact improve student engagement, comprehension and overall learning and declare technology a priority, then they must put their money to work hiring a knowledgeable staff member to help facilitate changes as they occur.

In addition to hiring a tech. integrator or even shifting and redefining the role of current staff members, the administration of a school must work to create a culture of exploration. As Adam Bellow wrote in his article, “Doing More With Less: Start Small and Collaborate”, “The most important thing we can change in schools is the culture. A culture of learning is something that 's created ...

... middle of paper ..., stay relevant, and provide students with dynamic technologically enhanced learning experiences, they must take the time to create the culture of curiosity, staff their schools with technological leaders, encourage experimentation, and provide training for staff. A common belief of the American Association of School Librarians as communicated in “Standards for the 21st Century Learner” is “Technology skills are crucial for future employment needs. Today’s students need to develop information skills that will enable them to use technology as an important tool for learning, both now and in the future.” Once a school makes technology a priority and facilitates adaptability among the staff, teachers and students will find themselves have a great deal more confidence in their technology skills, which will then open the doors to greater knowledge and understanding.

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