Technology And Its Impact On Education Essay examples

Technology And Its Impact On Education Essay examples

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Technology has always played an important role in education. In the past, inventions such as the overhead projector, whiteboard, and even typewriter were placed in schools to help students learn new skills and content knowledge. Although skills, such as typing, have been stressed by some education programs, the strive for students to develop content mastery has always taken the lead. Technology has been developed for and implemented in classrooms with this goal in mind. Since the implementation of high stakes testing in the United States, the drive to increase student motivation and achievement has been the highest priority for school districts. Technology has been on focus of these districts as a means of increasing motivation and achievement. In the case of advanced technology like computers, there has been much debate about whether they actually increase achievement or motivation.
It is obvious that computers help students deliver assignments, like essays and reports, much faster than previous methods. Computers are also much faster for researching information than previous methods. For these reasons schools across the country adopted desktop computers. Over the past decade there has been a push to put more technology into classrooms. Many schools have invested in laptops or tablets for every student to be able to use. “By 2009, 97% of classrooms had one or more computers, and 93% of classroom computers had Internet access. For every 5 students, there was one computer. Instructors stated that 40% of students used computers often in their educational methods” ("The Evolution of Technology in the Classroom", 2016). Since 2009 there has been even more investing in personal computers and now many institutions have enough laptops so...

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...e but it means that the students cannot access their copies of class presentations or notes at home. While laptops are being used in the classroom they might introduce new distractions for the students. Although the school internet connection blocks social media websites like Facebook, students can still surf the internet for other types of distractions. As the teacher I will not be able to watch what students are doing on their own computer. Since the use of technology is new to the students and usual teacher distractions are likely to occur. There also may be a learning curve for students to learn how to use the technology and test with it. Another limitation of the study is that the class sizes are not large enough to count as parametric. Since the data does not accurately reflect the population the results will not be generalizable to any other group of students.

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