Essay on Technology And Its Effects On Society

Essay on Technology And Its Effects On Society

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It’s another day at school and as students walk through the hall they walk by or bump into other people and they notice that most all of them are on their phones texting, have earbuds in, or scrolling through their recent news feed on Facebook. Then as a student goes to class they sit during lectures only to be interrupted by a vibrating cell phone in their pocket that tells them that a best friend wants to meet up for lunch next period. Only recently, many people are more connected to technology and the internet. Internet and social media has made it increasingly difficult to get anything done in everyday life. Obviously, technology has advanced, but how much are students operating socially being affected? Technology in the form of cell phones, personal computers, and any other portable device in the last ten years has affected the way interactions in the real-world happen. Advances in personal technologies are harmful to students ability to use more face-to-face correspondences, phone calling, and writing letters; people need to develop ways to reasonably limit the amount of time spent on their devices and exercise other forms of behavior that do not have to solely depend on technology.
Over the course of a decade, there has been more and more inventions of better, faster cell phones and other such gadgets that give us access to everything and anything we need at that exact moment. Technology is full of vast amounts of helpful information that students can use and should use. Has become a necessity to have access to internet or a phone. Technology can be a great tool to use for learning.
However, students have been caught in an inescapable route of a networks and computer systems and find it more important to post about what wa...

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...s evolved into being our main power, or brain. Not allowing ourselves the ability to think on our own and be creative, to allowing it to be our entire life. Nevertheless, technology is very beneficial to all our lives and we cannot go backwards in time once we have already advanced forward in motion for a more. But to conserve how much we lean on technology and devices to carry us through our lives can be limited or exercised to a degree of discipline away from it. It can be simplicity in itself and can be fair to those who would think that technology does not affect us negatively in any way. We should simply reduce the amount time spent daily on devices surfing the web, scrolling through Facebook or Tweeter, and texting. It is important to realize that we should not have to let it live for us, but use only when it is needed to, and not become something that we need.

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