Technology And Health Care Industry Essay example

Technology And Health Care Industry Essay example

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The advancements with technology with in the health care industry has provided patients with other alternatives when it comes to receiving health care than merely having to seek treatment from his or her physician in an office setting. A new advancement in the health care field that will be discussed thoroughly is mobile health (mHealth). This technique allows patients to use a mobile device (cell phone or tablet) to obtain medical information, track his or her health, transmit medical information to his or her physician, and even alert them if there appears to be a medical emergency. As with all developments in health care, there are pros and cons that exist. Could mHealth be the future of health care for those who live in remote locations or are not able to afford to seek medical attention at a physician’s office due to having high deductibles, poor health insurance coverage, or no health insurance?
According to Moyle (2015), “mHealth is defined by the WHO as the medical and public health practice supported by mobile devices, such as mobile phones, patient monitoring devices, personal digital assistances and other wireless devices” (para 2). It now provides a more convenient way for people to obtain medical information. Before there were apps that could be downloaded onto mobile devices people were required to search the internet for answers. Prior to the internet, patients had to call or physically see a physician to get answers.
Through mHealth, “apps have the potential to transform healthcare and achieve the triple aim of improving the patient experience, improving the health of populations and lowering healthcare costs” (Pieper, 2015, para 1). Although the term mHealth often refers to a mobile device, it is pe...

... middle of paper ... to patients being knowledgeable enough to use a mobile device correctly to check his or her blood pressure, pulse, and or transmit data correctly. The information retrieved and transmitted is only as effective as the user using it. If the patient is required to hold their finger on the camera lens for a specified amount of time and they fail to do so, this could hinder the test results obtained. If a patient is required to input their glucose results into an app on a daily basis and they fail to put the correct information in, this will not be an effective way to use the app. It may appear by the results submitted that the patient has their diabetes under control when in fact, the numbers were transposed and later that evening, the patient slips into a diabetic coma. Therefore, the elderly may struggle with using apps or mobile devices to manage their health.

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