Technology and Environmental Conservation Essay

Technology and Environmental Conservation Essay

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Typically, as levels of technology increase in a country, more investment is put into environmental conservation. However, if a country with fairly advanced technology is experiencing a crisis such as overpopulation or a civil unrest, the country may choose to direct their resources toward this predominant issue.
As the world’s most clean-tech country, Denmark has made major advancements in their technological sector, specifically in the preservation of the natural environment. (Rishi V K) Denmark is a very developed country with a high standard of living and the tenth highest GDP per capita in the world. By using alternative energy sources, Denmark has managed to provide its citizens with a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. For example, Denmark has established an entire bicycling network throughout its streets and about twenty percent of the country’s electricity is from wind. Though the process has been slightly costlier than using regular fuels, the Danes are determined to end their dependency of fossil fuels. In the 1970s, the entire world faced a dilemma when oil supplies in the Middle East suddenly stopped. Once oil was back on the market, Denmark decided to take the collapse as a warning and slowly began to transfer to alternative energy by providing tax benefits for those who switch and constructing windmills all over the country. As one of the leaders in alternative energy, Denmark plans on making a profit when other countries decide to make the switch as well. Besides the use of alternative energy, Denmark, led by the Danish Society for the Conservation of Nature ("Danish Society"), has also been preserving the environment through the protection of endangered animals, historical monuments, and geographical landforms.

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