Technology and Crime Analysis Essay

Technology and Crime Analysis Essay

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Technology and Crime Analysis
Technology is used by every single criminal justice practitioner in some way, shape or form each and every day. When it comes to crime analysis technology is there to help with accurate analysis of the crime scene or evidence obtained. Some examples of the technology used in crime analysis include radios, telecommunications, computer, data storage and collection. Each technology has its own unique role during crime analysis, all are equally important. Computers, data storage and collection would be the main technology that is used to assist during crime analysis. Computers are necessary for accurate crime analysis because they cut the chances of mistakes being made. Further all the information needed is stored within the computer for access later by any law enforcement official in any state. Basically that means that any and all data that is collected, stored and processed will be the same as it was when it was entered into the system and will remain accurate when it is needed by law enforcement agents or when it is needed for crime analysis.
Computer Hardware
Computer hardware used by criminal analysts are similar to those that are used in other professions that depend on computers to help complete their work. Crime analysts use desktop computers to complete a majority of their work and use laptop computers for work in the field and also for presentations. In many cases police department’s crime analysis units have their own servers to house tabular data stream, geographic data, and software applications that are shared by users. An example of why computers are important to crime analysis, if the information about every location in which a crime has occurred is properly entered into a data...

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...ost of the agencies across the country, which means if there happens to be a string of crimes going on in a couple of cities, those agencies can put their heads together and help apprehend the people that are committing the crimes. Overall it helps make our towns and cities are safer and better place to live.
With all the tools and technology that is at the disposal of crime analysts it gives one hope that one day crime can be suppressed. There is so much more out there that can be covered and reviewed by others that can be held responsible for helping make the United States a safer country, but then again the paper would probably be twenty pages long. Computer, data bases, computer aided dispatch and geographical information systems are important tools to normal everyday people and are mastered by the analysts that use them every day to combat crime.

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