Essay on Technological Pedagogies in Teacher Education Institutions of India

Essay on Technological Pedagogies in Teacher Education Institutions of India

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Today’s world is a competitive and globalized world. All the organizations in various sectors: business, education, healthcare, banking and finance and others are influenced by the rapid pace of technological developments and innovations. The education sector, where student-centric learning is the core aspect to be taken in to consideration, is highly influenced by technology. The evolution of education and its future has been tackled from various perspectives varying from technology enhanced learning and personal digital spaces, schools reforms and revision of curricula, amongst many others. The role of teachers for the future of education plays a major role in such discourse. Increasing computational power and the emergence of the Internet ahs had a great impact on the way teachers are doing their jobs. Teachers believe that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have improved their teaching and they have successfully combined various modes of ICT as resources for their teaching. This ICT effect presented itself in various forms, ranging from using instructional technologies insides the classroom to running the whole course away from classroom boundaries, that is through open learning or distance education. On the one hand developments of technological tools and the vast take up of such applications imply that teachers need to keep abreast of latest technological developments, in order to keep up with their students’ knowledge of new technologies, while on the other, most teachers still have to work in school environments where polices are outdated and curricula no longer cover the skills required for today’s societies.
Since Independence, evolution of higher education and in particular, s...

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