Essay about Technological Issues And Solutions Of Elementary Classrooms

Essay about Technological Issues And Solutions Of Elementary Classrooms

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The intent of this paper is to assess the juxtaposition of technological issues and solutions in elementary classrooms. With the continuously increasing popularity of technological metrics in our everyday environments, educators are being placed under immense pressures to incorporate the digital age into the teaching and learning in their classrooms. Indeed this integration of technology into the classroom has become a necessity. In fact countless school districts in the state of Tennessee have implemented different testing platform for standardized testing measures. The aim is to leave the previous traditional paper and pencil methods in the past, and create that successful juxtaposition to virtual benchmark exams.
Due to these technological requirements, school districts are demanding many changes in schools and classrooms state-wide. The face and the manners of teaching are being mandated to make the transition to the new technology metrics. Due to the educational needs for creating the new visual mecca required of the technology metrics; districts must establish useful conduits for bringing about the desired technological outcomes.
Statement of Problems
Cope and Ward (2002) addressed the potential issues of integrating technology into classrooms, depicting the implementation as having a direct influence on not only the roles of teaching but on the entire practice. In particular Cope and Ward (2002) stated that the disclosed the four specific areas as potentially being impacted by the changes. These aforementioned areas are as follows:
1. the district and school educational policies
2. the professional development possibilities
3. the blending of technological metrics into current teaching and learning
4. the actual instruc...

... middle of paper ...

...successfully implement the new metrics with confidence and credibility. The Solutions Value Assessment Model can aid in identifying the significance of the new technology metrics and the impact they have on student learning and reported outcomes.
Overall, the establishment of new metrics is more broadly acceptable to all educators and related staff; and the framework could easily be incorporated into delineating and understanding optimal and meaningful learning outcomes for all students. As above seen, the digression of elementary classrooms to the new aesthetic testing venues requires consistent technology integration in all elementary education. This requirement brings about many apprehensions and creates an overwhelming sense of unease on the part of numerous educators and educational staff all across the state of Tennessee (Lea, Clayton, Draude, & Barlow, 2001).

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