Essay on Technological Evolution in the Film Industry

Essay on Technological Evolution in the Film Industry

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As times are changing, knowledge and information are also changing. With that, the development of motion picture complexity has changed the film industry by a continuing technological evolution. It is evident that films have changed significantly over the last 100 years. The intricacy of filmmaking technology has rapidly progressed, allowing creative potential for filmmakers. Films are often due to technological advances, or even to reintroduce a classic story. Some examples of films that have been remade include Scarface (1932), remade in 1983, and The Magnificent Seven (1960), remade in 1998. King Kong (1933) is another example of a film that has been remade. The remake, King Kong (2005), directed by Peter Jackson, shows technological innovation in comparison to the original version. Although the original version introduced many technological advances that helped to tell the fantastical story at the time, the technologies used in the remake helped to develop the story more thoroughly, and make the giant ape seem more realistic, bringing it back to life through the art technology of 2005. This includes advancements in visual effects, colour/film stock as well as a significant change in the story and acting.

The central element of the film that was significantly improved in King Kong (2005) was visual effects, evident by its Oscar win for Best Visual Effects. It was remarkable for having the largest number of visual effects shots in a single film. In 1933, stop motion animation was revolutionised with the release of King Kong. Since his cinematic debut in 1933, King Kong has thrilled many audiences. This monstrous ape was animated through the use of stop motion in King Kong (1933). Stop motion animation involves the slight manip...

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...nal version in running time. In the making of the original King Kong film, the central focus for the production was the animation of the monstrous ape. As these technical scenes required a great amount of time and effort, the development of the story wasn’t as in-depth as it was in the remake. The 2005 version was comprised of more of a meaningful storyline. The storytelling is developed in rich detail, expanding the film to 3 hours.

The one aspect of King Kong (1933) that saw much innovation was its cinematography. In the 1933 version many camera tricks were implemented during the making of the film. However, much more advanced cinematography was executed. The director of the 2005 version, Peter Jackson, made use of expansive, panoramic cinematography.

In conclusion, both versions of King Kong stand as iconic films for their development in various elements.

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