Technological Changes in Society Essay

Technological Changes in Society Essay

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Today’s world compared to 50 years ago is vastly different, the technology we now posses is always changing and evolving to adapt to the current societal needs. Skype is one of the many technological changes that have occurred in the past 15 years alone, it was launched in 2003 and revolutionized the way in which people were able to interact with one another. Skype has allowed people to stay in touch with each other for free, by allowing video calls, text messages and voice calls; it has changed how people communicate with each other within our society. Sociologically speaking it allows for human interactions on a whole new level, it allows people to celebrate birthdays, graduations, hold meetings and even learn a new language from anywhere in the world. Worldwide there are 663 million people on Skype who are able to keep in touch with family and friends no matter how far away they are from one another ("Skype grows fy," 2011).
This technology has not only changed how people communicate with each other but it has altered our behavioural patterns and cultural values, Skype has become a part of most developed countries vocabulary, as well as the everyday vocabulary of most university students. All technological changes in our society come with advantages and disadvantages, which allows for further reflection on how much society has evolved and how it is ever changing. Society is always changing, sometimes drastically and other times subtly, however, with the changes people have learned to adapt and we either welcome the change or try our hardest to revert back to our old ways. This paper will look at how Skype has evolved since it first started, the advantages of the technology as well as its disadvantages and finally...

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