The Technological Advances Of The World War II Essay

The Technological Advances Of The World War II Essay

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Every war is a strong stimulus to the emergence of innovations. There are numerous inventions that were made during the war and were aimed to satisfy emerging needs of the front and home front. The inventions of this period of time vary from innocent devices like a dynamo-powered torch, jerrycan and synthetic rubber and oil to weapons of mass destruction such as V-1, V-2 missiles, and the atomic bomb.
World War II is considered to be the first “high tech war”, which witnessed the rapid development of technologies in almost all fields – weaponry, medicine, communications, manufacturing, intelligence and many other. Some of the technological advances that emerged during Second World War are considered fundamental for the modern world.
One of the rapidly increasing industries during the war is weaponry. Each party of the conflict constantly developed new samples of weapons with advanced combat qualities. Armored vehicles and aviation developed especially rapidly. Artillery, firearms, naval technologies also were significantly improved. Development of weapon industry directly and indirectly influenced almost all other industries.
Development of weaponry during the war
The most significant event in the development of aviation during second World War was the emergence of jet planes. A number of built jet planes is rather low (less than 1% of the total number of planes) and they did not have a significant impact on the course of military actions. Nevertheless, these machines determined the face of future aviation in general.
During the Second World War, aviation technologies did not witness any qualitative leap. Moreover, there were very little innovations in the construction of airplanes. The reason is that the gov...

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...f sub-machine gun PPSh-41 using the technology of stamping and spot welding and in half a year total amount of automatic weapons in USSR army increased almost twice.
Usage of welding in the construction of naval vessels allowed Germany to bypass the restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles. The weight of welded hull was about 15% lower than riveted and due to this the vessels could be equipped with heavy weapons.
Shortages of resources lead to invention of new materials. For example, Germany suffered from shortage of oil and a new type of fuel was invented. It was a mixture of adipic acid ester with poly(ethylene) oil and helped to keep German aircrafts in the air. Synthetic oil for aircraft engines was also developed in the US.
In 1940 American inventor Waldo Semon developed a formula of synthetic rubber that mat demands of front and still was cheap in production.

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