Essay about The Technodermographic Anachronism Of Selected Traditional Rights

Essay about The Technodermographic Anachronism Of Selected Traditional Rights

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Robert E. McGinn wrote, “The technodermographic anachronism of selected traditional rights should be recognized and a new, naturalistic, non-absolutist theory of human rights should be elaborated” in 1994 (188). His analysis of urban planning and medicine was to the point and very convincing. Who should be in charge of private property? The owner or society? Who should be the one that determines life or death? A doctor, the patient, a family member, or society? These questions are difficult and are only a few of the rights of man that are explained. Although these rights should be black and white, they are grayer and grayer as time goes on.
Society was founded on “natural rights” of man. Man has the right to life, liberty and property. It seems simple enough. Man should be able to live freely without the risk of losing his life, property or well-being at the hands of another. These “natural rights” were built upon and used to create The Bill of Rights in 1689, by the British Parliament (180). “Natural rights” evolved into the “rights of man” to “human rights,” so all of humankind is included. Even though the name has change, the basic rights have not; however, the meaning and context of those rights have changed and have been expanded upon.
Society has the right to question if a “right” is broken, but there have been so many laws and societal changes that it is hard to determine which “right” is even broken and for that matter, who will determine the outcome? Just by watching or reading the news, society can see that many people believe that our Constitution and Bill of Rights should be used as a template and not verbatim.
These people use their “rights” to exploit society and then get away with it every day. Mea...

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...his puts an ethical dilemma on society when it comes to public health care, such as Medicare/Medicaid. Do we put a monetary value on the old or poor? Who is entitled to live and die? McGinn’s conclusion is concerning and blunt. He is not worried with being political correct. He’s analysis is correct. Society is so concerned with quantity and technology that it has forgotten about quality. We must continue to push for a “quality of life” vs “right to life” attitude. We must provide for our children’s future and think of the whole and not the individual. McGinn’s “grounds for decreasing the Absoluteness of Individual Right” (184) should be adopted. Society needs to start thinking morally and not selfishly. We need to be activists, not conformists (who accept and perpetuate the decline of our society) by trying to think like a whole and not a piece of humankind.

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