Techniques Used For Art Therapy Essay

Techniques Used For Art Therapy Essay

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Within non-directive and directive routes, there are many different methods involved in art therapy. Painting is the most popular method that is used for art therapy. The Counseling Directory explains, “Putting paint on paper is one of the purest forms of art and allows you an immense amount of freedom” (Art Therapy). Painting gives patients freedom even though a blank canvas can be frightening at first (Art Therapy). Using a media such as paint gives children the ability to use a wide variety of colors to express their emotions. When painting is used as a form of treatment in art therapy, the therapists do not leave their patients empty handed. Art therapists will usually provide a prompt or give children exercises to do as guidance. They will also teach the children basic painting techniques and how to use their tools properly. There are also different types of painting that are used in art therapy. They include dream painting and painting in the dark. Dream painting can be an effective method because kids can understand symbolism in their dreams that may not make sense in life or seem surreal at the time. In the process of painting in the dark, children cannot see what they are painting. “Painting in the dark allows you to paint from the heart and adds an element of fun,” informs the Counseling Directory (Art Therapy). Not worrying about what the painting looks like can be liberating and seeing everyone’s artwork when the lights turn on can also be interesting.
Even though painting is the most popular method, there is a wide range of other methods offered in art therapy. As the Counseling Directory states, “The beauty of art therapy is its versatility. While of course there is the option to work with paint and canvas, there ar...

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...r lives, they very well may be disturbed or even concrete thinkers.
Normal therapy may be the answer for some children, but for those who find it hard to communicate or express their emotions verbally, art therapy is an effective tool. Art therapy is a treatment used for children experiencing emotional distress. From car accidents to bad dreams, sexual abuse or traumatic events, art therapy provides children with an escape from stress. It helps create a sense of self-awareness, self-understanding, and self-confidence. Children can relieve their emotional distress through drama, music, and fine arts. Methods and techniques are not limited, but may be costly and take more time. Many children use methods such as painting, drawing, and sculpting in art therapy. With freedom to express their feelings visually, children are not restricted to communicating verbally.

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