Essay about Techniques That Dodge And Weave Around The Opponent 's Strikes

Essay about Techniques That Dodge And Weave Around The Opponent 's Strikes

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The One to Fourteen Head-Block (1/14); basically are techniques that dodge and weave around the opponent’s strikes (Kenpo master, sr. Ed Parker demonstrated in his method of the ‘Economy of Motion’; that it is better, safer and faster when an opponent strikes for your head-to move the head instead of using the hand block to defend off the strike), with the help of the shoulders and neck muscles. In extreme situations the FOA man will attack as well as block (deflecting or taking blows to the head and face) using just his head, of course this is a mental and physical action which takes much practice and determination. The striking ability of the head is limited in mobility, therefore the best areas for the Head to attack are; the chest, the stomach area, the face, the Back/spine and ‘head to head’ with caution. In extreme and advanced counter techniques, the head is used to break the opponents arm.
The FOA striking weapons to the Head and Face consist of: The 1/36 fist strike, the fore knuckle strikes, the chopping palms and slamming thunder palm strikes to the top (mole) of the head and finger-point strikes and other arsenals of 120. Strike to the back and sides of the head were the crown line proceeds. Use two steel fingers, palm, knuckle or fist strike to the middle of forehead. The head or skull is hard and is fully compacted and takes a sufficient amount of force to penetrate. However these strikes will disrupt, shock and unbalance the brain functions when struck and can cause a knock out, when delivered to that point.
Strike using one and two finger strikes to the eye or eyes, or use the one knuckle (phoenix-eye) strike. Use the Fan fing...

... middle of paper ...

... delicate area (arteries), strike there to open his grasp or to make the opponent become unbalanced and drop his weapon. The masters call this pressure point area the Neigwan, striking there drains and weakens the opponent (the same area doctors check for the pulse), and opens him up for a set up point for other vital (fatal) strikes. Master Dexter demonstrated when the wrists are applied for striking, that this was a favorite feature of the Twine. Curve the wrist inward as this increases the power of the wrist strike. The wrist can strike from the same four areas mentioned; it is one of the “Seven big knuckles.” Strike using the back of wrist; sides and the soft inward part of the wrist used for grabbing, parrying or trapping an opponent. Build the wrist by doing pushups upon them.

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