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No one knows the origins of agriculture. Since the beginning of recorded history, agriculture has existed. Yet not all vegetation is native to its location today. They have been diffused through many different cultures over time and had expanded greatly due to the industrial revolution. In chapter 10 titled, “Agriculture” of the book Contemporary Human Geography, written by J. Rubenstein. Rubenstein describes the expansion of the production of food from just family consumption to mass production in four steps; expand agriculture, increase agricultural activity, identify new food sources, and expand exports. One of the biggest processes happens in the second step (increase agricultural activity) known as the green revolution. The green revolution refers to scientifically engineered seeds of grain, maize, and rice that have been created and grown to adapt to many different climates rather than just temperate ones(Rubenstein, 10.7).To explain present times J. Benson describes about the different techniques used for agriculture today in the article, “Drastic changes to US agriculture policy necessary for future of food, say scientists”. As Benson explains farmers today use organic farming, grass-fed animal raising, and biodiversity growing methods to sustain a long-term agricultural which creates nutrition rich food as well as nutrition rich soil(Benson, 2011). Nutrition rich food and Nutrition rich soil is well needed. Nutrition rich soil sustains agriculture conditions. Without it, crops don't have the proper conditions to grow, which decreases the crop and requires the need for international trade to make up what is lost.
In section 10.9 of Rubenstein's book Contemporary Human Geography. Rubenstein explains the sustainable a...

... middle of paper ... was displayed in Europe promoting growing in drylands to preserve other soil for future generations.
The reason for growing in the drylands is because it the nutrition of the soil is better than the soil that has been planted on over the years that the nutrition has become drained out of. The next step that Benson explains would be to support smaller farms and produce vast different amounts of crops. In which can be seen today, that set in motion this process has begun.

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