The Technical Language Of Logic Essay

The Technical Language Of Logic Essay

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Welcome to lesson two. In this lesson it is very easy for us as police officers to get a little bit lost in the some of the technical language of logic. I really ask you to trust me and be patient. I’m not trying to turn you into philosophy students and ask you to draw venn diagrams or anything like that, but I am going to ask you to learn some of the basic terminology of what makes an argument a sound argument.
In particular importance to us to as police officer is the understanding of when an argument is lacking validity or is false and one of the biggest ways that we can find those moments is when we look at fallacies, so we are going to spend some time looking at fallacies in this module.
This module also exposes us to some of those instances where criminal investigations or criminal trials have gone horribly wrong; where innocent people have been convicted and spent time in prison for crimes they haven’t committed - you know, the old axiom it’s better to let twelve guilty men go free than convict one innocent man. I think that is very much the case for us as police office...

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