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Technical Intern At Intel Corporation Essay

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Hello, this is Dileep Bhargava Bharatula working as a Graduate Technical Intern at Intel Corporation. I work in Intel’s Communications Devices Group (iCDG) under Ray Deshmukh (Verification Manager) in San Diego, CA. I would like to choose my presentation to be a lecture to students in my Engineering Management Department.
As part of Intel’s Communications Devices Group, I am blessed to work in an organization which gave me scope to work on both technical as well as my Management skills. I work in the Modem verification team wherein we work on the issues related to modem. We have several test cases that we design, validate and verify in order to make sure that the functionality of the modem is improving until we reach a stable point. My job mostly consists of creating the real time test case scenarios using python scripting, run the test cases on the device and get the results that can be obtained from the modem. The results are processed into reports and sent to the higher management. We get several weekly software versions from other departments that we need to load onto our device and run our test cases. We run several regressions to test the functionality and send out reports.
Coming to Management skills, Time management is very crucial in our team as there are departments in our team which should progress from the results that we deliver. If there is any delay in the delivery, it would result in delay in the project progress. So we try to deliver the results on time. As part of my job, I need to work with several people from several departments on Intel worldwide. This opportunity helped be understand the work culture of different coworkers across the globe. Our team has a weekly meeting wherein we discuss about all the team...

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...chieve. He always motivates us about our career. We have several senior members with vast experience in our team who would help us in solving work issues. With my Manager’s support, I am trying to achieve the goals I set before the end of this trimester.
I am gaining very valuable experience in this internship. This is helping me build my career. The quality of Internship at Intel Corporation is great. However there is scope for improvement both on my Employer side as well as from my side. As an Intern I am limited to find the issue and report it. I would like to involve more in debugging root cause of the issues. I would like my team to provide me more scope to learn. The improvement I would like to have from my side is that learning more fundamental technical topics that would help me in debugging. I hope both these adjustments would work out in my workplace soon.

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