Essay about Tear Down the Curtain

Essay about Tear Down the Curtain

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Title Tearing Down the Curtain

In 1987 President Ronald Reagan gave an introspective speech in front of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin. That said speech is known to us as “Remarks at the Brandenburg Gate”. When Reagan gave this speech he was toward the end of his political career, he had served two terms as president of the United States, and was well-known for his role as a gifted mediator and peacemaker. It was also during the Cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union. To the west of Berlin was the free democratic countries of Western Europe. To the east was what was known as the iron curtain an area controlled by the soviet union and its allies. Inside the iron curtain freedoms were restricted and liberty denied. Knowing these facts Ronald Reagan had many reasons for presenting this speech even though he was speaking directly to the free people of the west. His main target audience however was that of the East Berlin and of its masters the Soviet Union. Throughout the speech he reflects on how West Germany had prospered with its free democratic government. The use of the word free and freedom are used extensively throughout the piece. President Reagan contrasted how the east was with the west with the use of the term totalitarian. His main reasoning for the speech was an attempt to convince the soviet leader ship to remove the “scar” that was dividing the country (page 2). That scar he is referring to was the infamous Berlin Wall. The wall which was dividing the free west from iron to the east. President Reagan gave an empowered speech to the east it was convincing and moving, there were however a couple of points I believe he should not have made. Ronald Reagan first off did a masterful job at reaching out f...

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... It further goes off track by Reagan giving a brief history of the previous arms buildup over the past forty years. He continues to speak about how there should be a joint meeting to discuss disarmament between American and the Soviet Union (page 4). After reading the last two pages of this speech I have come to a realization that it should have been made into a separate speech given at another place and at another time. It does not contribute to Reagan's vision and purpose of convincing the Soviet union to remove the scar and tear down the curtain that has separated the German people for over forty years.But despite all this, Ronald Reagan's speech was motivating, and masterful, a proven contributor to the tearing down of the Berlin wall of the iron curtain. It is proves that words, not arms, can bring about change and cultivate freedom throughout the world.

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