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Teamwork and Accountability Essay

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Tracy Harper is the newest member of Optimal Outcomes, Inc. For the past 20 years she has worked with two Illinois Fortune 500 Companies, Apple and Wal-Mart Stores, as a Corporate Social Responsibility Officer. Her primary role with OOI will be to assist clients in effectively planning the goals and objectives of the organization and developing business models that monitor and ensure compliance with ethical standards, norms and laws.
Teamwork has become increasingly more popular in organizations. In order for teams to be successful it is important that individuals have the tools necessary to align their tasks with a shared goal. Teams must be able to provide the necessary feedback and support to continue to improve the process and outcomes that define a team’s goal. Teams, just like people, are made up of characteristics. Successful teams are able to work interdependently by providing a clear set of goals, good leadership, support, appropriate tasks, accountability and rewards (Levi, 2014, p.29). Team value is determined not simply by the project outcome but in whether individuals can work together collectively to incorporate different perspectives, and provide the support and motivation to one another when there is a conflict (Levi, 2014, p. 126). Individual and team accountability begins with a clear understanding of the role each member of the team has and what expectations have been set for the team to achieve its goal.
According to Katzenbach & Smith teams that provide collective work products have three attributes as a part of the team structure: two or more skilled people working together, leadership roles which are not assigned solely to one person and may shift from one person to another within the...

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...ation moving forward would be to encourage members to call out or discipline behavior that is below the standards that members have both individually and for the group. A non-contributing participant should have been supported by her peers to participate. The group should have collectively guided her to participate.

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