The Team Members Of Viper Paranormal Essay example

The Team Members Of Viper Paranormal Essay example

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The team members of VIPER Paranormal are what could be termed, “frequent flyers,” at St. Albans Sanatorium (SAS). They have visited her cool interior in their capacity as supernatural sleuths more than 15 times.
On November 12, 2011, during a TAPs Academy (Atlantic Paranormal Society, of “Ghost Hunters” fame), they encountered a rather noisy ghost; a phantom that certainly did not want to be ignored.
That night, Amanda Mattox, co-founder of VIPER Paranormal, Angie Cline, of VIPER WV,and Ken Kestner, who at the time was with Michigan Ghost Runners, set out on their own to explore the dark rooms of the old asylum. “We ended up in the isolation rooms where the women were held, during the time St. Albans served as a sanatorium,” said Amanda. “Angie was standing near the door to the bathroom and Ken was setting up video near the back of the room. I was setting up my recorder near the windows in the back of the room. As we were having a discussion about the nurses needing a bulletproof window to protect them, we heard a really loud and distinct noise,” she said. Amanda continued, “It sounded like someone kicked the wall near Angie. It startled her so badly that she ran across the room!” In the style of dedicated paranormal investigators everywhere, each time Amanda goes back to St. Albans, she makes it a point to visit this hostile location.
While investigating on a later date with Angie Cline and Don Hanauer, the former Director of Operations for St. Albans, the team saw shadows darting from door to door. They also heard a bell, but felt that bit of information could be discredited on the fact that it could have been something hitting a piece of metal in the building.
St. Albans Sanatorium was again in rare form on March 24, 201...

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... psychiatrist’s, “let’s try this and see how it works list.” But, from the darkness of those earliest days of dramatic trial and error have come the much more successful treatments of today.
At the time they recorded the former patient screaming endlessly into the night, the team was all accounted for and located on the second floor, above what is known as the purple room. The sound itself seemed to permeate from some distance inside the sanatorium.
Sounds of frustration and terror are part and parcel of this grand and venerable structure. It is the music that breaks the quiet of the night, suddenly and without warning. These echoes of sounds through the ages are reminders of the people who left impressions upon the very fabric of time and space. Reminders ripped from the pain and agony of the person into the cloth of the location known as St. Albans Sanatorium.

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