Team Leadership : An Interdependent Group Of People Who Must Coordinate Their Goals

Team Leadership : An Interdependent Group Of People Who Must Coordinate Their Goals

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Learning teams can provide a positive learning experience when there is high level of collaboration and commitment to accomplishing the task or job given to the team. When teams function properly, there is a pooling of knowledge generating more thoughts, ideas, and viewpoints which often leads to more creativity and a better end product or result. Our learning team functioned very well, with a high level of collaboration and motivation, resulting in a high quality presentation.
Team leadership was definitely evident in our learning project team. Team Leadership is an interdependent group of people who must coordinate their activities to accomplish their shared goals (Northouse, 2013). When evaluating our learning team against the Characteristics of Team Excellence, many of those characteristics were present in our team (Northouse, 2013, p. 299).
Clear, Elevating Goal, and Results-Driven Structure – The first meeting was spent clarifying our goals and putting a structure in place for us to accomplish our tasks. The objective of the assignment was clearly communicated and our learning team remain focused on the objective throughout the project. However, the process of how we were to accomplish the goals was a bit vague, so we had to spend time determining what we were going to do and how. Understanding that this was also part of the process of us learning how to work together and whether one person emerged as the leader, we embraced the project and determined our plan.
Competent Team Members and Standards of Excellence – Throughout this process we discovered that the three of us work well together and our styles and gifts complement each other well. Interdependence, understanding that one doesn’t succeed unless all succeed, was al...

... middle of paper ... This project helped me to evaluate my own personal leadership style and what I can do to become a more effective leader. Through our dialog and assessment of the leaders we interviewed it helped us be able to articulate the different leadership theories, strengths and weaknesses. This class has raised my level of awareness of leadership styles and approaches not only in my learning team, but in my day to day interactions.
Our learning team functioned very effectively and we had fun at the same time. Perhaps the thing that I most appreciated about this process was getting to know my classmates on a more personal level. “Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand (Isaiah 64:8). I developed a deep appreciation of their particular gifts and strengths and believe this was a positive experience for each of us.

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