Team Dynamics And Decision Making For Project Success Essay

Team Dynamics And Decision Making For Project Success Essay

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Team Dynamics and Decision Making for Project Success

Project success often depends upon team decision-making.
In the workplace, the team leader's job is to make decisions that benefit the team and the whole company. This places them with a lot of responsibility. They must contemplate the options and consciously select the decision-making strategy most appropriate for the circumstances in which the decision will be made and implemented. Often the decision-making style chosen is among the most significant roles of the project manager. Communication and interpersonal skills of the group members influence the decision. The incorrect approach can cause problems within the group. "Research conducted by Wheelen, Murphy, Tsumura and Kline (1998) demonstrates a clear correlation between positive group dynamics and team productivity". There are many decision-making strategies available. Three of the most common styles are when decisions are made by the group leader alone, decisions by the leader after group discussion, and consensus by the whole group.

In one decision making style the leader makes the decision without consulting the group at all and takes complete responsibility for the outcome of the decision. The leader does not involve the team members in the decision and chooses based on their own knowledge and analysis of the problem. They then must explain the decision to the group in order to gain their acceptance of it. One of the advantages to this style is a very fast decision is made. When there is an emergency or minor routine decision to make this is usually the best choice. Although the team leader making the decision by themselves can be useful at times, in a work team situation it is not usually the mo...

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...lot of work getting everyone in the group involved. It takes skill and practice for a team to learn how to work together.

Each decision-making strategy has advantages and disadvantages and none are always better than the others. An effective team leader will consider the options and determine which strategy is the most appropriate one for the issues to be decided and the circumstances in which the decision is to be made and implemented. Outcome-oriented businesses need leaders skilled at decision-making. Decision-making styles are neither good nor bad. The effectiveness of any decision-making style depends on the situation in which it is used. Performance is enhanced by integrating all styles, by finding the style that works best in particular project, or by being able to move intentionally from one decision-making style to another.

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