Team Development And Implementation Of An Effective Team Essay examples

Team Development And Implementation Of An Effective Team Essay examples

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Team Development and Implementation
Martin Thomas, CEO of Devise Products Unlimited (DPU) has been informed by the quality control department that there have been too many mistakes in the manufacturing at DPU. Thomas decided to divide his production division into production teams. Each team would have four mechanics and two engineers with a team leader responsible for leading the team. The team concept is new to his production team as they are used to working under a floor supervisor. Thomas is hopeful that the changes he has made will improve the production quality in manufacturing. Thomas is still unsure of the team leadership approach that he would like to implement.
Article #1: Steps to Building an Effective Team. Author: University of California Berkeley, Berkeley HR.
There are many steps that a leader takes in order to build an effective team. The first rule is to establish yourself and your leadership with each team member, as leaders builds their relationships on trust and loyalty (Berkeley HR, 2015). A good leaders knows that each employees ideas need to be treated as valuable, as well as being aware of employees feelings even if they are not spoken out loud (Berkeley HR, 2015). A leader needs to be very clear when communicating, act as a harmonizing influence over others, and encourage the trust and cooperation among the employees on the team (Berkeley HR, 2015).
When working with teams it is important to establish team values and goals, evaluate the team’s performance, clearly articulate your ideas and what needs to be accomplished (Berkeley, HR, 2015). Setting ground rules for the team, establishing methods for consensus making decisions and the encouragement of listening and br...

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...y and build a driven team (HR at MIT, 2015).
There are six significant items that need to be considered when building a successful team.
1. Share the company Mission- this will help define the team and give them guiding principles.
2. Share the goals and ensure that they are S.M.A.R.T. goals.
3. Ensure that the team understands their roles and responsibilities.
4. Set the ground rules and choose how decision making will happen (HR at MIT, 2015).
My recommendation for Thomas is that he uses the techniques mentioned in Article #3. The process explained incorporates steps from the start of developing the team through the implementation of a successful working group. Thomas will have to remember that he will have to keep the channels of communication open and that he will need to frequently check in on the team to access their progress.

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