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Team Definition: Cold Stone Creamery Essay

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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a team as: “a number of persons associated together in work or activity,” or “a group of people who work together.” In the current information age more companies are relying on teams to solve challenging tasks and to reach more difficult goals. Since a team of professionals with varying expertise can produce solutions that an individual working alone would likely struggle with, it is no wonder teamwork is becoming increasingly valuable to companies across all industries.
When employees have a say in their roles in the workplace they are happier, healthier and more productive. People are social creatures and it is not surprising that working in a team environment can increase productivity, reduce boredom and complacency, while increasing respect and loyalty towards employers.
Cold Stone Creamery defines a team as: “a group of workers with a shared mission and vision and collective responsibilities. A team shares and/or rotates leadership roles. Team members are accountable to one another and measure their effectiveness by measuring their collective labors.”
The Cold Stone Creamery focuses its energies towards customer service satisfaction goals through a line that starts with the customer and flows back through the store location’s crew and franchisee (owner), to the area developer and members of the creamery head office, and finally to their marketing team members. They call this line to customer service satisfaction the “customer pyramid.”
From personal experience the word team is best described as a group of colleagues focused together to solve a challenge and effectively reaching an outcome that goes beyond the team’s original expectations as well as those of the client/customer and...

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...understand the benefits of working together toward a common goal, setting aside the traditional roles of manager and subordinate and hopefully opening up the workplace as a creative outlet for all who work there.

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