Team And Organizational Citizenship Behavior Essay

Team And Organizational Citizenship Behavior Essay

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Figure 3. Section C: Team Commitment
Section D: Team/Organizational Citizenship Behavior
The overall results of this indicate individual OCB has a strong correlation with team OCB. Sixty-three percent the respondents stated they strongly disagree that they consume a lot of time complaining about trivial matters and making problems bigger than they are (D2), but rather they focus on helping their team mates (D6), and pursuing knowledge that increases organizational learning (D6). Organizational learning (hypothesis 2) is contributes to personal growth and development, foundational keys to creating positive organizational culture Participation is a significant measure of commitment and growth as postulated in hypotheses 2 and 6.
Figure 4. Section D: Team Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Section E: Team Effectiveness
An overall rating of forty-four percent of respondents agree their team functions effectively most of the time, while only thirty-three percent perceive team effectiveness as always consistent. It is interesting to note that seventy-five percent of the team believes they possess the essential skills required to accomplish the team’s objectives (E3), which strongly supports hypothesis 1 that on the job learning and the transfer of knowledge. A servant leadership environment enhances learning through participative engagement with learners (Hill, Servant Leadership Environment Survey, 2015). When the trainer is credible or is genuinely interested in what the learner’s thoughts and feelings (Jones, Servant Leadership Environment Survey, 2015), the perception of learners is one of leader support and has a strong correlation with knowledge transfer. These factors help set the stage for developing team effectiveness and OC...

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...eased performance. Effective training takes place both in the classroom and on the job through mentorship and leading by example. Servant leadership environments provided by servant leader trainers and by on the job servant leaders must invoke characteristics and a culture that is conducive to employee trust, growth providing a servant leadership environment for learning, that is participative, passionate, credible, interactive, engaging, practical, provide immediate opportunities to practice new knowledge and behaviors.
Chick-fil-A’s, a servant leader environment, survey results reveal several areas that may influence follower training and development and provoke the use of examples modeled by leaders to increase their individual and organizational performance. Furthermore, there are several areas of weakness that Chick-fil-A should follow-up. These areas include:

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