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The new-learner is an emotionally and hormonally driven person, whose influence lies within their socio-emotional status. They are driven by social and media influence more than ever with the increased availability of information on technology. The new learner has to face a wider range of challenges compared to the learner of ten years ago, from the technology boom to the availability of information from the cyber world and from the education system. The question that comes to mind has the socio-economical world changed enough in order for the new-learner to adapt to the increasing standards for knowledge? With the education system been under scrutiny, is a matric nearly enough.
It is a well-known fact in South African education that the matric marks are increased in order to even out the average, to the point a learner with forty-percent obtains a mark of sixty-percent. Is the education system to blame for the increasing failure of final marks or is it partly the learners’ responsibility? Many subjects have a minimum pass rate of thirty-percent, which means learners do not have seventy-percent of the required knowledge as they continue through the school education levels (Barry, 2014). Which in later years could be detrimental to their life choices, especially where these basic life skills are needed for life skills and further education. This in turn has taught the new learner that no matter the mark, they will still pass. This decreases the moral standards for the well-known value of “for every action there is a consequence”, as the learner has not had to face the consequence of failing and having to take responsibility for their own work (Alfreds, 2014).
In the recent years the South African Education System released the C...

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