Essay on Teaching Styles Of The Current Education System

Essay on Teaching Styles Of The Current Education System

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Strauss’s piece, “Is this any way to train teachers?”, challenges the teaching styles of the current education system by examining the RGSE teacher program. She claims that this program only takes the ineffective opinion of charter schools into account, and does not diversify or create a beneficial learning environment. Strauss’s piece can be observed through the lens of a pragmatic progressive educator, as well as someone that adamantly opposes the essentialist view of teaching during the modern historical context.
Firstly, a pragmatic progressive educator believes that schooling should promote the future ability for students to learn, as well as the belief that children should learn how to problem solve in a way that connects to their personal lives (Quantz, 2015, pages 82-83). This context is extremely evident in this piece, since the author continuously quotes and paraphrases William Yeats famous statement that, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” (Burris, 2012, Paragraph 1). This is an apparent progressive quote because it is saying that rather than teaching students random information to fill their brains, that educators should ignite and impassion students to learn. By lighting the fire of education within students, students are more likely to enjoy school and wish to further learn. Moreover, Strauss’s pragmatic progressive educator views are also displayed in her article when she claims “learning happens in the mind of the learner” (Strauss, 2012, Paragraph 2). This echoes the pragmatic progressive because it is claiming a more cognitive view that students learn by their own abilities, and that no matter how much filling of the pail occurs, that it is ultimately the student that has the ...

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...dragged to a page that stated that there was an error and the page I was looking for was removed and no longer existed. Thus, the only non-opinionated part of this article, where the reader can look at the information given and come up with his or her own thoughts, is no longer available. While it is important to realize that this information may have once been available earlier closer to 2012, it is also crucial to realize that in order to apply an empirical eye to the piece, that the reader needs to be able to craft their own thought to the data presented, rather than blindly following the advice and thoughts of the author. Therefore, this piece, although very persuasive rhetorically, especially if the reader is a pragmatic progressive or someone who rejects essentialism, does not however provide enough facts and critical evidence in order to support her argument.

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